About us

Since it was founded more than 20 years ago, Logtravi has been devoted to the logistics and transport business. The company began in 1992 and established its head office in Sant Esteve Sesrovires (Barcelona). It became specialized in logistics services and all kinds of local, national and international transport. Nowadays Logtravi has more than 20,000 square metres (215,278 square feet) of storage facilities. Its operating facilities are located in Abrera (Barcelona) and it is also strategically set in the main ports of the Spain. In addition, it operates outside Spain, in Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, England, the Czech Republic and Romania.

Established experience

Our mission is to provide solutions tailored to our customer’s exact needs, which mostly require a very specific answer. As a national logistics operator, we specialize in sectors including the car industry, food and consumer goods or publishing, and we have a wealth of experience in security and the traceability of goods.


Logtravi has delivered the best possible transports and logistics solutions for 20 years. In 1992 it started providing its services to factories in Barcelona. Within a few years, it had already turned into a logistic and transport provider of almost all the automotive suppliers and manufacturers of the region. It belongs to the shipping group Logistica y Transportes Villar, with its headquarters in Sant Esteve Sesrovires and a local office in Abrera. Logtravi administers 20,000 square metres (215,278 square feet) and an average of 14,000 stored pallets, it has 100 lorries on the road per day and offers more than 5,000 daily departures to all kind of destinations.

Two decades of solutions

From the very foundation of the company, Logtravi has excelled for its eagerness to know perfect techniques for the management of logistics, transports, international distribution and technological development. Our most important commitment is to provide our logistics and transport services as quickly and securely as possible.

Human Team

We have 170 people employed dealing with thousands of daily departures.

Logtravi has its own R+D Department, with a dozen of employees exclusively devoted to the development, adaptation and integration of technological systems. Nowadays it has 20,000 square metres (215,278 square feet), an average of 14,000 stored pallets and 150,000 references, 100 lorries on road per day, 250 customer suppliers and daily departures to all kind of destinations. It provides solutions tailored to meeting needs often requiring a specific answer, mostly without precedents.

Process development

The company is committed to technological innovation and the development of procedures as a differential factor. Its customers are offered the chance to have their supply chain management administered either fully or in part, including any added-value services that may be required.