Merchandise Distribution Services

Logtravi has designed a new commercial and operative strategy in the field of distribution and transport.

The distribution services are already operating and will be improved in the metropolitan area of Barcelona as well as in other regions, for which we will have a nationwide service, regardless of the distribution channel (B2B, B2C, etc.). We will also incorporate technological innovations related to the service

Among our challenges, we aim to position Logtravi as one of the most important comprehensive logistics operators in Spain, creating a national distribution network, as well as handling most complex logistics operations, among other things.

Confidence on wheels

Transporte de motocicletas


Logtravi provides a wide range of logistics and transports services across Europe.


As a logistics operator, it has 20,000 square metres (215,278 square feet) of facilities in Barcelona.

Fleet of vehicles

The company has its own fleet of lorries, semitrailers, trailers, double-decker vehicles and vans.