There is no doubt that Renault Trucks is doing very well since the arrival of the Model T on the market. This is supported by the important fleet owners who have recently opted for the diamond truck when making important purchases to renew and / or expand their vehicle fleets. We repeated experience with the model, and acquired 20 units of the Renault Trucks T 460 Sleeper Cab.

The company, with 170 workers and its own fleet of 130 tractors, 156 semi-trailers and 47 double-decker semi-trailers, have placed their trust in the French brand for years, with units of the Renault Premium Euro 5, the Renault Magnum, being part of its fleet. and we even had the current Renault flagship.

After a year and a half working with the Renault Trucks T 460, and after analyzing the good results, we decided to repeat the experience adding these 20 units.

The trucks have been equipped with the Comfort Drive Pack, to maintain power and consumption levels, since we manage thousands of daily expeditions.