LOGTRAVI, S.L. focuses its Quality Policy on the continuous improvement of our Quality Management System in order to guarantee that the national and international road transport services, motorcycle transport and JIT that we provide satisfy and generate confidence in our clients by complying with the requested requirements.

For this, personalized attention to our clients and interested parties, compliance with the agreed delivery deadlines and ensuring the Quality of our services during the loading, transport and delivery process is essential.

For us, the figure of the client is not only specified in the external client, but also in the internal client, that is, the company’s own departments. This means that the relationships between the different departments must function as a supplier-client system that leads us all to work as a team to achieve our goals.

It is the will of LOGTRAVI, S.L. and establishes as general objectives:

  • Fully satisfy the requirements of our customers and interested parties based on knowing their needs.
  • Promote the training, motivation and development of our staff, guaranteeing that they can be relocated to different tasks in the company itself.
  • Generate corrective and / or preventive actions necessary to achieve continuous improvement of the System.
  • Deal as quickly as possible with the Claims by our Clients.
  • Ensure the reduction of risks in the development of our activity, be they labour, economic, financial, production or management.
  • Respect en route energy efficiency at our plant and in our transport.
  • Keep us as a company updated in terms of technological and global communication advances and pandemic health problems.

Management principles and practices will be applied to carry out these commitments and achieve demanding and accessible objectives.

Annually, the Management reviews this policy and sets and reviews the specific objectives in accordance with this policy and determines the resources (human, training, material, etc…) necessary to achieve them.

The Management, as the highest representative of LOGTRAVI, S.L. acquires the commitment that the policy described in this chapter is carried out and communicated to all levels of the company involved, in the current review.

The policy of LOGTRAVI, S.L. it is totally available to anyone who requests it and visible in our facilities.

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