Transportation service

Local Transport

As a land transport company, it provides both national and international services. Its fleet is equipped with GPS, relief drivers (Pony Express), etc.

National Transport

Just in Time Service (JIT), two-driver team (emergency orders); real time service tracking with Web Service; operations, drivers and workshop available 24h.

International Transport

Logtravi is strategically located in the main Spanish ports and it operates in Europe (Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, England or Romania.

Fleet of vehicles

We have increased our fleet of vehicles with 6 VOLVO FH.13, equipped with the latest technological progresses regarding environmental aspects and meeting the EURO 5 standard ecological requirements.

We have also increased the fleet of semitrailers MEGATRAILERS with 7 SCHMITZ CARGOBULL, equipped with the latest innovations in LOAD SECURITY, in accordance with DIN EN 12642 XL.


Logtravi has its own fleet of vehicles consisting of 130 trailers in order to provide logistics and transport regular routes across the entire European Union (EU).


150 mega semitrailers and 6 reel carrier semitrailers. Equipped with national and international GPS, two-driver team (emergency orders) and relief drivers (pony express).

Double Deck

22 double-decker semitrailers equipped with hydraulic lifts, upper deck cargo weight up to 4 tonnes, rear door lift gate, inside height 2.85 m (9.35 feet) and deck height 1.30 m (4.27 feet).